IT Outsourcing

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Progressive & Cost Effective

Merging your IT function with the Greenlight team in an IT Outsource provides your business with significantly more capacity & skills. If your business is growing, contracting or seasonal outsourcing allows you to use the resourcing you need when you need it and not have excess cost held internally during quiet periods.

If you have a small IT team that’s not really taking you forward or you are already outsourced and not happy with your partner then exploring the Greenlight alternative is a great option. If you are a larger organisation but want to outsource specific elements of your provision we can integrate with your existing team.

Outsourced IT Department

Passing your full operational and budget responsibility to Greenlight provides your business with budget control, service stability & IT advancement. You will automatically gain from experienced IT management developing your IT strategy & proven IT processes without the cost of employing external consultants to come and advise your old internal team, for more information click here.

IT Department Review

If you are not sure of the effectiveness of your internal team we can come in and assess the Strengths & Weaknesses of your current team & processes. A short assignment can leave you with a recommended development path for improvement or change.

Shared Services

Client clustering is a key strategy for Greenlight. If you are looking for IT Services & are based in a building or business park with other companies we will try to dedicate a technician(s) to the location. Taking a risk on committing this resource early can provide a great service to you as the anchor client.

Asset Management

Planning the refresh of your IT software & hardware assets is essential in a modern IT dependent business. Dealing with warranties, renewals, replacements & upgrades is simple if you know how to do it. Are your IT assets under control?

MIS Development

A growing requirement for the 21st Century business is live management information. We can provide expertise in extracting the key data from your existing systems & presenting it in the format of your choice. MIS via a web link or mobile device can provide a major step forward for many businesses.

TUPE Transfer

Greenlight Computers has significant experience of completing outsource projects with staff transfer involved. One of the keys to successful outsourcing is that all parties win. The IT people involved with outsourcing are always wary of change so we spend a significant amount of time ensuring that they see personal opportunity in the future.