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Starting a Business or Spinning Out can be simple with good IT

Greenlight has worked with many new businesses and we have developed a simple start up infrastructure approach that fits most scenarios. We have helped people with tight budgets through free initial design, leasing solutions & buy now pay later websites. If we can get an understanding of your business & objectives early, our experience will ensure you get an IT solution that works.


Our simple 10 point checklist is a useful guide for most new businesses to use as an aide memoir to get the technology right at the start.

  1. When buying PC/Laptops check the RAM, Processor & Disk capacity.
  2. Software is expensive so budget for an Office package plus your applications.
  3. Data protection is essential: Anti-Virus/Spam/Malware/Spyware & encryption.
  4. To share data you will need a network switch & router to access internet.
  5. An ISP will need to be selected to provide your internet service.
  6. Secure your web domain then you can create email addresses.
  7. Do you need a website on day 1? If yes then start creating your content now.
  8. Data backup must be put in place in case your hardware fails or is lost.
  9. Surge protection for every computer device you have, it’s not covered in warranty.
  10. Ensure you have IT support available just in case, it’s not your core activity.

 Greenlight Vision

Our vision for Greenlight is to invest in our client relationships when they need us most, we will then hope to deliver a service that allows mutual growth in the future.