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Data Architecture

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Digital data has become a primary driver for modern business efficiency, but the risks of loss and theft pose some pertinent questions:

  • Which data should you hold?
  • Where should you hold it?
  • How should you index it?
  • What is the best way to keep it secure?
  • Greenlight Computers can advise you on the best practice for your business so that you better understand what Gartner Inc. refers to as Big Data Management.

The majority of businesses have six significant areas of planning in creating the ideal data architecture:

  • Logical Data modelling (filing systems, work flow etc)
  • Virtual Data modelling (where to store primary, secondary & backup copies efficiently)
  • Development of a data strategy and associated polices (responsibilities & authorities)
  • Selection of resources and systems to meet business information needs (technology products & services)
  • Data security (methods & tools to ensure that key data is retained & protected)
  • Capacity (dealing with the big data files/media etc of a modern business)
  • Data Architecture Strategy development & deployment

The implications of a poor data architecture can be quite severe. You want to avoid the replication of unnecessary copies, giving accessibility to the wrong people, and storing data within unsecure locations.

Maintaining a simple data architecture will enable the implementation of new software applications, and will be significantly easier and less costly to deliver.

Data Architecture

The following link provides further useful insights into the important considerations related to modern data architecture.

A Data Architecture Consultant will work with the business to plan the management of data and workflows for the business. The key is to make sure new applications don’t create replicated storage and to ensure that data held in legacy systems is migrated and retained.

If you wish to know more about how to master your data architecture please contact the Greenlight team.

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