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Laptops & Desktop PC’s

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Finding the right desktop devices to meet your individual business needs can be tricky considering the many thousand variants available on the market place today. Quite often, the right level of consideration is not given to the finer detail of these consumable products and suddenly your devices do not quite meet your needs; whether that be a performance issue or a lack of overall functionality.  We work closely with our customers to understand your needs so that you can be assured we will design the right desktop solutions for your users, whether that be laptops, Personal Computers or handheld devices.

10 Key factors

When choosing a computer your key factors will include:

  • Operating System – home or pro (for business)
  • Processor – does it have enough power for the task ahead?
  • RAM – is for speed typically 4GB, 8GB or 16GB?
  • Storage – is it HDD (for capacity) or SSD (for speed)?
  • Size – is the size and weight a good fit for my plans?
  • Usability – can it do all the things I plan to use it for?
  • Brand – to I trust the manufacturer?
  • Budget – is it affordable?
  • Warranty – is it 1 year, 3 years & can you extend it?
  • Compatibility – what peripherals do you need and are they compatible?

With most hardware suppliers/outlets the answer will be yes when you ask questions, often the knowledge isn’t there, our recommendation is to ask for knowledgeable help if you are not sure.

Greenlight Computers Service

We supply best of breed technologies and through our trusted supply partnerships we secure competitive pricing for our clients.  Consider us the safe pair of hands to supply your desktop estate that meets your technical and commercial needs.

Case Studies

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