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Given most businesses primary asset today is their data, it is crucial that you understand the business impact of data loss and how you should protect your data appropriately. The right backup solution provides you with the peace of mind that your data is secure. Your backup and recovery solution should protect the full range of data sources such as database, email and file.

Greenlight Computers Online Backup Service

For less than 50p per GB per Month, Greenlights online backup service can protect your company data with complete ease and automation. Whether you need to backup documents, Emails, SQL databases, or entire server configurations for disaster recovery; our online backup service is both comprehensive and cost effective.

Using Acronis online backup we ensure total coverage and complete control over your data. We backup everything: disks, partitions, files and folders, virtual machines. We can offer flexible control through choosing full image, differential or incremental backups, or a combination. Redundant backups mean that our technology is more reliable than traditional RAID enclosures.

Backup Exchange & SQL Databases

Our online backup client has the functionality to backup all SQL databases and Exchange EMAIL servers. You may choose a backup for Exchange which enables restoration of single E-Mail(s) over having to restore the whole database. This is a feature unique to Greenlights service offering.

Secure, Encrypted Transfer To Our Datacentre

Security is crucial. Your data is first compressed to ensure bandwidth usage is minimized during data transfer. Your data is then encrypted using a 256 bit encryption key configured by you, giving you the peace of mind your data cannot be accessed or decrypted by others.

Switch From Tapes To Online Backup

Reduce your business overhead and risk of human error when maintaining a tape backup solution. Removing tapes from site every evening is both time consuming and outdated. Our online backup solution replaces this requirement and also ensures you don’t exceed the capacity of your backup solution. When your data expands we simply allocate more space.

Easily View/Restore Your Data

More important that the backup process itself, is the ability to quickly and easily view or restore your data when required. Using the online backup client you have the ability to retrieve individual files, revisions of files, entire folders or backup sets. With just a few clicks you can have your lost/damaged data or even failed server back to a consistent state with ease.

Online Backup Service Costs

Our pricing is simple and we guarantee no hidden charges. Our fees are in two parts: Fixed Fee covering Bandwidth/Power/Licencing/Service & Variable Fee covering data volumes @ less than 50pence/GB/month.

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