UPDATE – we have just received the following email into our offices,



virus emails




We think it is clever, the way it is laid out, the wording and the use of the domain in the link – but it is a virus.

We tried downloading the “Voicemail” and our antivirus protection, Eset blocked the download, the    virus is Win32/Kryptic.CORW trojan, very harmful and dangerous to your network,

eset virus capture







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You receive an email from an unknown source with an attachment, the attachment is in a zip folder, you look at the zip folder? Should you ……Really? What is the worst that can happen?

The name of the Zip folder is something that relates to you or something that might interest you, you open the folder, see a file, double-click and ………..BOOM!

Now You Have unleashed a Infection

Depending on the severity of the infection you might start sending spam emails, funny pictures may appear on your screen or you may lose all your data and be asked to pay a ransom to have the files unencrypted.

Opening this one attachment, which you were not expecting or the sender is unknown to you, your computer has become infected with a Trojan Horse, Malware, Worm, Virus – call it what you want, ultimately you are infected.

What do you do? Try and hide the infection, delete the email with the attachment, don’t tell anyone because you don’t want to look foolish – but it is too late,  your computer is infected.

You must act immediately to avoid further infection within your network or before you lose valuable data. You must contact your IT Support Company or even better contact us.

In today’s age where businesses are so reliant on computers and networks, users still try and open email attachments – just because they can.

To avoid infection you must ensure your Antivirus and Operating software is always up to date and implement additional layers of security (Such as Eset Mail Security) to prevent infected emails landing in the users mailbox.

Remember every user has to be more vigilant, use their discretion, if you do not know the sender or you are not expecting an attachment in a zip folder – DON’T OPEN IT.