We were asked by a client “can I access documents held on our private FTP server?”. We thought yes, they could access it through their FTP servers web portal, but then realised for security they don’t have one enabled.

We decided that a dedicated FTP app would be the best option and started looking at a few which were already available on the App Store. We settled on FTP Client Pro. At £1.49 it’s not only one of the cheapest, but also one of the simplest available, and we mean simple in a good way. We have not been asked by or paid by the App’s developer to advertise this, we just wanted to let you know our unbiased opinion.

We wanted an FTP client that was easy for our client to use. They didn’t want to or have to learn a new App to do something they already know how to do on their desktop machine. The interface is clean and easy to understand. Buttons are labelled clearly and the UI is excellent. It also has extra features such as editing documents, uploading new documents and changing the existing folder structure on the server.

We can highly recommend FTP Client Pro for the iPad to anyone who needs to access a secure FTP server from their iPad.