Explosive Chemical scare evacuation proves Greenlight Computers business continuity plan

Greenlight Computers Ltd was one of several companies who had to evacuate their HQ office on Altrincham Street Manchester yesterday (Wednesday March 4th 2015) when the bomb squad investigated an unstable Chemicals incident in the University of Manchester.

Operations Director John Sewell was delighted with the teams response stating “Our business continuity plan has always been in the background but this was a live test and it proved very positive.  With the diverting of phones to alternate buildings & the movement of staff to operate from home or alternate offices the business of supporting our clients was not disrupted at all. We offer consultancy services to our clients on disaster recovery & business continuity but you can never be 100% sure until things happen. A big well done to all the team for working together to ensure our clients were unaffected.”

That’s enough excitement for this week.

To find out more about the incident itself you can view the news coverage by the Manchester Evening News or the Mirror.

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