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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of improving your websites ranking position on Google and other search engines such as Bing & Yahoo. There are many factors involved in SEO but you need to start from the basic marketing questions: who are my target clients, what products or services do I want to promote & what will the client search for? Read our Top 10 priorities for SEO success free and call us if you need help.

Greenlight Computers SEO

The Greenlight team will work with you to dramatically improve your websites ranking if we can influence the key factors of your website. Detailed below are the Greenlight Top 10 priorities for SEO success:

  1. Quality Content – excellent written content full of phrases & words used by people who search for your products or services. Google needs to see that you know what you are talking about.
  2. Useful Content – make sure your content is concise, factual and delivers what the reader is looking for. Useful content will be shared and generate links to your content.
  3. Website Navigation – make it easy & secure to navigate around your content and people will return, regular traffic is positive for ranking. Ensure its easy for the user to make a formal sales enquiry without feeling pressured.
  4. Keep it fresh – the use of blogs, news or most effective of all case studies as regular new content is fantastic fertiliser to your Google rankings.
  5. Build links – the best links to your website are those given genuinely by happy customers or people invested in your services. White hat link building.
  6. Not all links are equal – a link from a relevant opinion leader with a large following, offers a much greater benefit than a generic link from an un-associated friend.
  7. Keywords – research the key words your target clients might use to search for your products or services and use that to inform your content.
  8. Repetition – focus your content to specific pages for specific topics as Google will rank those pages as entry points to your site. If you repeat the same things all over the site it will have a negative impact.
  9. Benchmark – there are plenty of free to use website benchmarking tools that can give you a comparison of your website and a competitor. If you want a bit more depth than we can complete a detailed report and action plan.
  10. Keep working on it – like all things in life the more practice you get the better the results.

SEO is a service that’s all about time, your time, our time and whichever 3rd parties we need to contribute.

The cost of an effective SEO campaign will depend on the amount of time and expertise required, the complexity of services/products and the competitiveness of the market you are in.

Short term boost

If your business requires faster results than an SEO campaign can deliver then we have numerous ways of boosting your visibility. Advertising is the most obvious boosting approach using Google Ads, Facebook Promotions or other social media channels.

Another option could be using an email/physical marketing campaign to attract visitors to your website, not necessarily to buy but to expand the worlds knowledge of your existence. There is a growing culture for people to refer content to colleagues just because it reads well and stimulates their thinking. Visitors will often refer your site to a colleague as a favour or to earn a brownie point for later.

Finally, for now, we would always recommend a little association work. The use of other Google products will sometimes have significant ranking effects e.g. Google Places, Google Analytics & Google Review.

If you would like to discuss your SEO or wider Digital Marketing needs please give us a call, the number is at the top of the website.

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