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Google Manager

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Employing a full or part time Google Manager in your business will enhance your businesses digital visibility. In addition to being the number one search engine Google offers many other applications a business can benefit from such as Google Places, Google Review, Google Analytics & Google Hangouts having a knowledgeable and focussed resource could be the key.

Greenlight Computers Google Manager

Greenlight Computers is building a virtual team of both internal and freelance Google experts for the benefit of our clients. With a strong background in SEO & Social Media our Google Managers are available to work with clients on a part time (fractional) basis to deliver digital marketing results.

Google Search is used by billions of people every day to find things. The role of a Google Manager is to build your business a Google Account that puts your business first in the queue for what you do.

A nicely structured website with good focussed content is no longer enough. Google is looking for locational data, reputational data & other information to present your business to the appropriate audience and increase your lead generation.

The Google Manager role will inevitably involve SEO, Social Media & Website Development activities to ensure Google sees you as an authority in your field & promotes you as such in the rankings.

Innovative thinking

We believe Greenlight Computers is the first UK based IT Services business to offer a Google Manager service, but whether that is true or not, we believe this is an innovative approach that can help our clients grow.

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Case Studies

  • Altrincham St,
    M1 3NL

  • Grafton St,
    M13 9WU

  • Alderley Park,
    Alderley Edge
    SK10 4TG
  • Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst,
    Gunnels Wood Rd,
    SG1 2FX

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