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Digital Benchmark

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Website benchmarking is a technique for comparing the performance of your website to your competitors and then taking actions to improve. Social media benchmarking compares your business in its use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc. Digital benchmarking combines these areas to look at the full virtual footprint of your business and how it can support your business strategy.

Greenlight Computers Digital Benchmarking

Digital Benchmarking your business can provide clear guidance on improving your website & social media performance, ranking & visibility.

Benchmarking & Performance Report

We have developed a report that can assess various aspect of your website & social media reach. We can tell you how your website performs in search engine rankings & how your brand is performing on social media networks.

We can compare your website to those of your chosen competitors & even discover competition that you may not be aware of.  Our report contains detailed website speed & performance statistics, social media reach statistics and detailed recommendations and actions which can be actioned to vastly improve your website & social media profile.

Website Speed & Performance

A fast website is a good website. Not only does Google prefer faster websites to slower ones, but users do too. Ask a user to choose a website that loads in 10 seconds or one that loads in 5 seconds and they will choose the faster one. Even at a subconscious level if a user clicks a link and is left waiting for too long before it loads they will lose interest and go elsewhere.

Measuring website speed is done in milliseconds. An improvement of less than a full second can have massive benefits to a website. By making subtle changes to code, adjustments to image resolutions and by implementing page caching the speed of your website can be drastically improved. These improvements can be made with most websites. There is no need to move them to new hosting.

Social Media Reach

Making use of social media is a must for any website & business. It is a vital channel to existing & potential customers.

Making sure you choose the right social networks is a vital starting point. There is no point wasting time & resources on Facebook targeting 10 potential customers if there are 20,000 potential customers on Twitter. Seeing which social media networks your competition are making use of not only gives a good indicator to its potential but allows you to better compete on the same playing field & examine what the competition are doing.

We can help you develop an achievable & usable social media strategy.

Contact us today to see how our Website Benchmarking & Performance Report can help you make better use of social media.

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