Consultancy & Training

Strategic, Experienced & Flexible

We provide consultancy services in several areas of our business, often as part of an overall service contract.

Highlighted in this section are a series of consultancy innovations that are proving popular with our existing clients and we would like to develop with new partners. Each of these services can make a big difference to how our client sees technology often moving the mind-set from “necessary evil” to “enabler of growth”.

As Directors do you understand the investments you are making in technology? Do you know if you are getting value for money? Have you got an IT plan that supports your business strategy? These are among the questions that a 21st century business needs to be sure about, but employing a full time Chief Technology Officer is expensive. Consultancy assignments can often fill that gap with knowledgeable people who can make a real difference in a short period of time.

Detailed below are some of the assignment projects our team consults on.