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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are designed to help businesses control and develop their trading relationships with clients and potential clients. Over 400 potential solutions are available in the UK market and deciding on the best fit for your business is where Greenlight can help.

Greenlight Computers CRM Solutions

The Greenlight team has worked with many clients to select and manage the implementation of CRM solutions. We are also practitioners with our own internal CRM solution selected as a best of breed cloud solution in 2014.

Key factors in selecting the best CRM solution

To find the right solution for your business there are many factors to consider, we have detailed below some of the key factors:

  • What is your goal from the introduction of a CRM system?
  • How many client relationships do you need to manage?
  • How many transactions/contact points will you have with each client?
  • Will your CRM be used for more than client relationship management, what is your desired scope?
  • What system integrations are required in your business?
  • What reporting outputs are you looking to have as standard?
  • Are you looking for Cloud based SAAS solution paid for monthly or a capital purchase?
  • What is your overall budget for the CRM implementation and training?
  • Are your user devices of sufficient specification to handle a new application?

Once you have a feel for these answers you can start to filter down to an initial long list of CRM solutions to investigate. Hopeully your long list will be a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 potential solutions.

We have included some useful website links that might help with this initial phase of your research, but be aware many sites are sponsored to promote specific solutions.

Shortlisting CRM solutions

With our experience the Greenlight team can assist you in the detail work of reducing your long-list down to a short-list of 2 to 4 options that appear to fit your needs.

Each system can be reviewed, trialled, presented, tested and subsequently shortlisted or not. This process can be painstaking and involves a significant time investment from the business. The importance of early involvement of staff in the selection process is huge, staff who have been consulted will become advocates and ensure the system is adopted with enthusiasm.

CRM Selection & Implementation

The final selection and implementation is often best made through a tender process, giving each vendor the opportunity to show the team the real benefits of their system. The positive thing about selecting a CRM solution is you can compare apples to apples and make an informed selection. Clearly, your Greenlight consultant can work with you through this tender process and then support you in managing a smooth implementation and roll out.

Case Studies

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