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Project Challenge: Greenlight was asked to provide a number of network enhancements.

Client Name: Wellacre Academy

Greenlight was asked to provide a number of network enhancements at the Academy. One project involved the installation of a network point in one of the gymnasia to enable a wireless access point to be installed. Another project involved the relocation of network ports in the office within the 6th form building.

A Cat 6 LSOH data cable link was installed between a communications cabinet on the 1st floor, through a classroom and terminated at a single RJ45 module in the gym on the ground floor, with associated patching into a pre-existing patch panel. This had to be carried out a desk height.
New ports implemented in the 6th form to expand the poorly designed original infrastructure.

Greenlight were quick, clean & cost effective that was all we asked.

– Polychronis B – Management

Tech Used

  • CAT 6 cabling


  • Carried out during school hours, no disruption to the staff and pupils

  • High level cosmetic standard achieved

  • Delivered on time and to quote

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