Jepson Holt – Client-Centric Data Architecture

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A short consultancy assignment to assist the client in designing the best data architecture for his expanding recruitment business.

Client Name: Jepson Holt

Working with Greenlight to migrate to a new suite of Cloud based software tools it gave the business the chance to review its overall Data Architecture. The key was to ensure that data was held in the most logical place & indexed in a logical way to make it easy to search & manage.

A short consultancy assignment to bring a knowledge of industry best practice enabled the team onsite to revise the data architecture of the business. As an SME it was interesting to do this with outside help and the resultant strategy was to migrate toward a client centric & candidate centric based approach. The classic 4 layer permission model was already largely in place & the process helped to sharpen up the rules on permissions & access security.

Very useful session, thanks

– Phil J. – Manager

Tech Used

  • Consultancy


  • Improved productivity

  • Improved data security & access

  • Data structure consistent across all systems

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