Case Study: IT Strategy Consultancy

Client Name: Anne Frank Trust

Client Sector: Charity

The Anne Frank Trust is a London based charity with a great UK mission “To challenge prejudice and reduce hatred by drawing on the power of Anne Frank’s life and diary. To use that power to encourage people to embrace positive attitudes, personal responsibility, and respect for others.” Since its publication in 1947, Anne’s diary has been read by millions of people worldwide. The Trusts work in schools, prisons and communities educates about the damage and suffering caused by prejudice and hatred. Everyone has a part to play in taking a stand against it. The charity HQ is in London with remote team members around the UK in total a team of 33 predicted to grow to 50 in the 2020 vision horizon. The surveyed staff currently rate IT as 5/10 on average & needing to improve.

Project Challenge

To complete a Strategic IT Review of the IT budget and future direction of the trust to ensure they were making best use of the latest technologies available to charities.

Project Solution

The IT Strategy review was completed by Greenlight MD Gary Dodson who has experience as a Non-exec Chairman in the Charity sector. The process of review starts with gaining a detailed understanding of the business strategy & existing IT strategy/budgets/partners/desires. The review centres around 3 aspects: IT Infrastructure, Line of Business Applications & Sales/Marketing IT with an overview of data security & skills. We assessed the current technologies used and reviewed the proposals of existing IT partners for significant 2014/15 developments. The outcomes were quite revealing showing the long term partner was not charity sector knowledgeable and highlighted significant missed opportunities. The 12-24 month action plan recommended presents opportunity in both improved performance of IT and savings in excess of 50% in the £10,000’s over the forthcoming budgetary period.

Having been recommended to work with Gary, I was not surprised by the quality of his approach, thoughtful considerations and knowledge of the not-for-profit sector. I was delighted with the recommendations he proposed which have helped enormously in our deliberations about our future IT and business strategies.

- Robert Posner - Chief Operating Officer

Project Benefits

  • Identification of significant charity cost savings previously not known.
  • Clarity on how Cloud services can best be deployed in a charity context & other IT advances that can improve performance.
  • Over 50% budget saving using best of breed IT V proposals from current IT partner.
  • Insight into how to review IT development in the future.
  • Bank of ideas on how technology can be used to increase turnover & improve front end delivery.

Technologies Used

  • IT Strategy