Full time, Part Time & Associate

Greenlight Computers continues to grow steadily & we are always looking into the future to predict and secure the right team members & associates. The company is founded around the principle that working locally is good for the environment, good for the customer, good for the employee and ultimately good for business.

Current Vacancies (Part/Full Time)

New career opportunities arise regularly in our business so if you are interested in working at Greenlight Computers please forward your CV & covering letter explaining how you would make a great member of the team. Click here for current career vacancies

Greenlight Associates

The Greenlight associate is a key member of the overall team. Working in collaboration with self-employed & consultant specialists is essential to Greenlight Computers development plans. For further details on our areas of interest please click here.

Working with Greenlight

Our key role in business is to remove the stresses from our clients IT experience & to help them innovate to improve their businesses. All of the team need to be flexible as IT is no longer a 9-5 service and in return Greenlight offers the employee the flexibility to enjoy life. All work engagements are tracked on a centralized system to ensure nothing is missed in trying to deliver the services expected of a trusted partner. Click here for more details

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