Cabling & Wifi

Structured, Resilient & Future Proofed

Using Greenlight to design, build & manage your network ensures that you only introduce products into your network that are compatible with the rest of your setup. We help you select the most suitable broadband supplier and manage their performance.

Greenlight will build your internal network using both cabled & wireless LAN’s with fibre to the cabinet where required. In the 21st century network all installations will be gigabit compliant to future proof your network & firewalls built in for your security.

Installation Services

As part of the Greenlight installation service we will take delivery of your new hardware into our office and pre-test the functionality on our anti-static work benches prior to bringing it onsite. Pre-configuration in our office ensures our client suffer the minimum of disruption as space is normally at a premium. Where we have procured the hardware & software on your behalf the risk of downtime is minimised & Greenlight takes full responsibility for the timely completion of the project. Cabling Manchester & the wider North West is a growing part of the Greenlight business.