Most IT Support companies use a ticket management and tracking system. We are no different and we make use of it every day. It allows us to log new calls and track their progress right the way through to a resolution. All our professional engineers make use of the system on a daily basis to plan their tasks.

The Issue

Tracking the progress of tickets is one thing, but having all this information in the system means there is a lot of data available that can be used in some interesting ways. Management Reporting is a feature of the system we use, but it does not have the best implementation. It takes time to generate the reports and they are often full of information that is not needed. There is also the fact that this industry moves so fast, often the generated report is already outdated before it’s complete. We created a solution to this:

The Glance Screen

We figured out the critical data that we wanted to know. We then figured out the best way to display & access it. At a glance, we can see how many tickets are open, the status of them & each engineers workload. The Screen is permanently on showing the most up to date information.

Benefits to us

Internally, we no longer need to wait for an up to date report. We no longer need to look through a table of 30 numbers to find a specific one. At any point throughout the day, we can see a complete overview of the business and make the right decisions based on real live information. We designed & developed the system to satisfy our needs & wants so we can be more efficient.

Benefits to customers

We have always used the ticket management system so all our customers have benefited from it, however, the new Glance Screen means that we are able to refine our processes even further, meaning we can offer an even better service to our customers. Our fast, efficient IT Support practices are even better than they used to be because of this system.

Taking the time to develop this small system is one of the many things we do on a regular basis to improve ourselves. We believe investing in tools for our engineers makes them happier, which leads to the best service for our customers.