Recently one of our members of staff had a poor customer service experience with an established, successful Manchester business. Having spent quite a substantial amount of money with them less than a year ago & originally having a great salesman who bent over backward to help, now they do not want anything to do with him. We won’t name and shame the business, however now he won’t take his custom there again, or recommend them. With the economy in the state it is in, all business should take care of their existing customers to make sure they are not loosing out on returning customers or recommendations.

This got us thinking about our after sales service and how a lot of companies are all about getting new customers, but then forget about existing customers.  In the industry we are in after sales service is vital as its not a one time purchase product we offer. It’s an ongoing service which our clients depend on.

We pride ourself on our level of service. It does not matter if the customer has a small IT support contract, a large one or is a brand new customer. They will all receive our top level of service, all the time.