The Advantages of Cloud Computing in a Disaster

Advantages of Cloud Computing | Greenlight Computers

Greenlight Computers HQ office was closed for safety reasons on Saturday 24th March 2018 following a Network Rail routine inspection of the brick work in the railway arch.

Although the railway arch remains closed and Greenlight Computers management has limited access, we are trading as normal on the morning of Monday 26th March 2018, having initiated our business continuity plan.

Greenlight Computers have worked closely with landlord UMIC to identify temporary accommodation for all staff.

Greenlight Computers consults with clients on the benefits of Cloud Computing, one of which is ‘Business

Continuity’. All core company systems are cloud based including: Email & Office from Microsoft Office 365, DC & Filestore with Microsoft Azure & VOIP telephony through the Greenlight Computers & Marstons Telecom


Many of our clients have migrated services on our recommendation, so it’s good to see proof of things working in an emergency.

John Sewell (Operations Director at Greenlight Computers) managed the relocation process and commented that ‘it
made for a
busy but interesting weekend, but all went well and as anticipated’.

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