Subsidiary Brands

Innovative, Collaborative & Expansive

Greenlight Computers Ltd continues to grow through new initiatives & acquisitions. The development of subsidiary brands to focus on specific niches or retain the goodwill of acquired Brands is an ongoing policy. These include:

Consultants Castle

Launched in 2013; Consultants Castle is a website developed on behalf of our network of trusted consultants to promote their services to a wider audience & give potential clients a direct recommendation of quality. The registered consultants are all well known to Greenlight and this was a small initiative that may enhance their channel to market. For more information please visit the Consultants Castle website.

Dansam Computer Services

Merged into Greenlight Computers in January 2013; Dansam had many years of trading in the Bolton area and is a well respected local supplier of IT products & services. Internally the team are now known as Greenlight Lancashire but both trading identities are used locally to retain the established client relationships. For more information please visit the Dansam website.

Graduate Castle

Launched in 2013; Graduate Castle is a website developed to present graduates to employers in an open way, know internally as “the right-move for graduates”. The goal is to dramatically reduce the cost of recruiting graduates for employers by giving them open access to the latest available graduate talent at the press of a button. We will save the student the mammoth challenge of creating & distributing 100’s of CV’s in the search for interviews & hopefully jobs. We will showcase student profiles in a virtual talent pool, allowing prospective employers to look at candidates online & create a shortlist to approach. Our model has been described as “the online milk-round but with much quicker results”. For more information please visit the Graduate Castle website.