Our Team

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Skilled, Motivated & Flexible

The Greenlight team strives to take stress out of our client’s lives by being flexible to their time pressures.

In the search for efficiency we have adopted a de-centralised approach to most of our activities. A small central office supports an ever increasing number of local technician teams around the North West & South East. The central office will deal with initial customer contact to ensure the clients are registered in the core systems prior to handover to the appropriate local team. Our objective is that all of our staff should be able to work within a 10 mile radius of their own home 90% of the time.

The Directors

We currently have two Executive Directors: Gary Dodson & John Sewell, supported by a number of Non-Executive advisors each of whom are passionate about our “local services for local people” mission.

Managing Director – Gary Dodson  

Gary graduated from Keele University in 1985 with Joint Honours in Computer Science & Economics with a Certificate in Education. He joined ICL Manufacturing Division spending 5 years in Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics, a further 3 years in Internal IT Services and 3 years in Sales. In 1994 Gary played a key role in winning and subsequently managing the contract for the manufacture of the UK National Lottery terminals for Camelot.

In 1995 he transferred to the Services Division of Fujitsu to quickly take up the post of General Manager UK Mobile Engineering, at its peak managing a team of 1200 IT technicians across the UK. In 2000 he took on a new post as Operations Director of Fujitsu France SA & returned to the UK in 2002 to become Director Public sector Services until leaving Fujitsu in 2006.

In addition, Gary continues to pursue his non-executive interests in Manchester Solutions & Chairs the Board of Work Solutions (a not for profit company focused on making the unemployable employable through retraining & job outcome services). Gary is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts & a member of the Courvoisier 500.

Gary and John set up Greenlight Computers Ltd in November 2006 and continue to lead and develop the company today.

Operations Director – John Sewell 

A graduate in Business Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1980 John is an operation’s professional, grounded in the manufacturing and service industries. Following a short career in the textiles arena John joined ICL as a production manager where he built his expertise in computer manufacturing & repair. In 1996 John was part of the management team acquired by global contract manufacturer Celestica.

He has managed businesses around the globe, including Greenfield start-ups and handling mergers and acquisitions. John has applied his knowledge of advanced manufacturing and service techniques to drive performance improvement in all of the businesses he has taken charge of. Whilst a working operations director with Greenlight Computers John has also completed an MBA in order to maintain his grasp on the latest developments in business management practices. John brings a practical approach to developing solutions, and can be relied upon to deliver results.

The Team

Our team has a wide portfolio of skills to ensure we can service the needs of our ever expanding client base. Each member of the team will lead our services to a specific group of clients thus ensuring each client can establish a clear working relationship with Greenlight.

Our technicians qualifications include:

Eset Authorised Apple Certified Logo DrayTek Certified HP Certification Logo Cicso Certification Logo Microsoft Certification VMWare Certification

Our Associates

To complement our core team Greenlight has also established a significant network of associates who we trust to work with our clients. Our associates will either offer services in new geographical areas or provide new areas of expertise outside the core Greenlight skills base.

Greenlight has over 30 associates currently but continues to look for additions to that group. If you share our passion for localisation of services and feel you would like to work with Greenlight as an associate please visit Greenlight People to apply.