Innovative, Experienced & Local

Greenlight Operations have a localised resource approach. We search for the best available staff in an operating area & then campaign to secure clients local to those skills. Our HQ office is in Manchester where we manage our 24/7 remote services & the remainder of the business is delivered as locally as possible. All enquires and tasks are managed centrally on a fully integrated service platform to ensure full tracking is achieved.

Our clients range from the niche SME to the Corporate client needing additional capacity & skills. The concept of shared service provision is central to our operating model & our 10 mile radius approach ensures our technicians are local to their clients.


The principle of localisation is central to our operational model, every client will have a Lead Technician based locally to establish a strong working relationship and enable a responsive approach. This approach keeps the cost of travel to a minimum, protects the environment & provides the technician with a good work-life balance.

As we grow our objective is to have a technician within 10 miles of every client and to employ locally in every major North West & South East postcode area.

Client Clusters

In line with our localisation strategy we market our services regularly to clients local to our existing clients, thus building client clusters. Business parks, serviced office blocks, business incubators are all focus communities for Greenlight as we offer a shared service benefit to all the clients.

With our anchor tenants in each cluster we also offer a discounted service if we can use their office as our base.

Systems & Processes

Greenlight Computers operates using systems and processes developed under the Baldridge Quality system known in Europe as EFQM. The Directors of the company are past winners of the European award with ICL and believe those principles can be applied successfully to IT services.

The core incident management system used in Greenlight is ConnectWise Professional with fully integrated customer portals.

Greenlight Policies

The following policies are available on request from Greenlight and are central to our approach to business: