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Experienced, Innovative & Localisation Focussed

Greenlight Computers Ltd continues to grow steadily & we are always looking into the future to work with clients who need the skills in our team to complement their own internal capabilities. The company is founded around the principle that working locally is good for the environment, good for the customer, good for the employee and ultimately good for business.

Company History

Greenlight Computers is based upon over 50 years of experience managing some of the largest IT technician workforces in the UK and Europe. Our experience is derived from computer manufacturing, computer/telephony repair, IT support services and global IT solutions, working for global companies including ICL, Fujitsu & Celestica.

Our business looks to harness the flexibility of the “one man band” local technician and the security and support offered by the major organisation. Each of our local teams operates as a cell in an overall network allowing us to support your IT requirements as an SME or Corporate with equal efficiency.

Major Milestones

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the full service IT partner of choice for businesses in the North West & South East.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a “one stop shop” range of services to each of our clients with the minimum carbon footprint we can achieve.